How to Avoid Early Tattoo Fading

Tattoos are permanent. However, they can fade over time. Tattoo fading is unavoidable. But, depending on the tattoo placement, you can avoid faster fading. Areas that are likely to be exposed to the sun are more likely to fade. Also areas that will have a lot of contact; if you wear a shoulder bag or backpack daily, a shoulder tattoo can be at risk for quicker fading. There are steps you can take to prevent quick fading, and also just a general guidance on areas that are prone to quicker fading.  Continue reading How to Avoid Early Tattoo Fading

How to Care For Your New Navel Piercing

All piercings require after care. But depending on the type of piercing, after care length can differ. Piercings are like tattoos, in the sense that they are an open wound. When you invest in a navel piercing, you need to be aware what the after care entails, to ensure the best healing process. Continue reading How to Care For Your New Navel Piercing

Job Openings: Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Consortium is looking for a shop experienced custom tattoo artist with a professional work ethic who wants to build an art conscious client base.


Summer is Here, Be Careful in the Sun with your New Tattoo

The Importance of Staying out of the Sun

Summer is in full swing, and for those who are not aware, the sun can significantly damage your new tattoo. The risk that is associated with exposing your new ink to the sun too soon is infection, fading, color spreading, and scarring due to UV rays.

Continue reading Summer is Here, Be Careful in the Sun with your New Tattoo

Fine Line Tattoos

Finer Line Tattoos: What Is This Stitching?

The thin nano needle used in fine line tattooing creates clear, straight or slightly curved lines on the skin. Hue, shading, and texture are seldom used in thin line tattoos, which tend to be black or gray in color. Intricately detailed fine line tattoos don’t scream “I’m a tattoo artist.” There is less discomfort and better detail when using a liner needle for this form of tattooing. Continue reading Fine Line Tattoos

The Origins of Traditional Japanese Tattooing

Japanese Dragon Line Drawing
Japanese Dragon Line Drawing

Irezumi, which means “insert ink” in Japanese, became a common word in Japan around 1720. During the Edo era (1603-1868), tattooing was first employed as a punishment in Japan in this year. Depending on the kind of crime or locality, several irezumi symbols were employed to identify those responsible. Continue reading The Origins of Traditional Japanese Tattooing