The Value of Spending a Little Extra on Tattoos and Piercings

Investing in your tattoo or your body piercing should always be a top priority. Spending extra on a well known and established tattoo shop can save you time, money, and even your health. 

Risking Your Health

Tattoos are essentially open wounds. Leaving them very susceptible to infection. It is important to find an artist and a facility that you trust to ensure that you are not at risk of an infection from contaminated tools, dirty workplace environment or ignored protocols. Contaminated ink can also cause an infection. Contaminated tools can help spread bacterial infections such as impetigo or staph. The value of spending a little extra on your tattoo can ultimately save you in the end.

It Can Save Your Money in the Long Run

Lets say you decide last minute to get a tattoo and find the closest tattoo shop you can. Seems harmless enough however, the simple rose you wanted actually looks like a head of cabbage and now you are stuck in the predicament of tattoo removal. As of 2020, tattoo removal can cost, on average $463. This does vary based on size, color, and age of your tattoo. Lets say you decide to take a different route and do a cover up instead, this can get expensive as well, and you do not have the free range like you did the first time. Tattoo removal can also be very painful and will likely leave scarring.

It Can Be Time Consuming

Laser tattoo removal can take up to hours for one session depending on the size of the tattoo and requires multiple sessions. It can take up to almost a year to remove a tattoo entirely. Not to mention the aftercare on your removal process is the same for when you get a new tattoo, so don’t plan on going out into the sun anytime soon.

Body Piercings

The same issues that come with getting a bad tattoo can also surface when it comes to piercings. An infected piercing can be painful, require a visit to the doctor, and there is the possibility of losing the piercing altogether with no chance of a second chance pierce.

Piercing Infections

It is important that your experienced piercer has a clean and sterile environment. Their hands have been properly sterilized and they have new, clean gloves on. Their equipment has been properly sterilized and they are using the proper piercings that will not irritate new skin.  It is also important to make sure they properly clean the area that is being pierced well.

As it is with tattoos, it is more likely to gain an infection from a piercing when you fail to follow the proper after-care instructions. However, poor environment and in-experienced piercers can lead to nasty infections that can cause scarring and loss of the piercing altogether.

Choosing the Best

Tattoo shops remain the same throughout the years with tattoo artists staying but a lot of the times, piercers will come and go. Luckily for us, Jacinda has been with Tattoo Consortium for over 20 years. The value of spending a little extra and sticking to the same piercer or tattoo artist is that you know exactly what type of service you will be getting and know that you will be getting the best for your money in a clean, and experienced shop!

To save yourself from infection, wasting your time, and money it is best to know the value of spending a little extra on your tattoo. At Tattoo Consortium, we have been in the tattoo industry for 40 years in creating people’s form of self-expression. Contact us to set an appointment with MichaelC or Jacinda!

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