Summer is Here, Be Careful in the Sun with your New Tattoo

The Importance of Staying out of the Sun

Summer is in full swing, and for those who are not aware, the sun can significantly damage your new tattoo. The risk that is associated with exposing your new ink to the sun too soon is infection, fading, color spreading, and scarring due to UV rays.

How Bad Can the Damage Really Be?

New tattoos are essentially open wounds. Over exposure in the sun, especially with a fresh tattoo can lead to a blistering sunburn that can distort lines and spread ink. This can also delay the healing process and leaving you more prone to infections.

Do Not Go Swimming Just Yet

Typically you need to allow your new tattoo to heal 3-4 weeks before submerging it in water for extended periods. Especially if you are going to a beach, lake, or river. These bodies of water can allow bacteria to enter the open wound that is your new tattoo and opens the door for infections. If you do get your new tattoo wet with water from anywhere that is not your shower, make sure to properly clean it!

How to Protect Your New Ink

Once your new tattoo has had proper time to heal it is still important to take care of it in the sun and water. Invest in a good broad spectrum sunscreen (30-50 SPF at least) and generously apply it hourly while you are in the sun. If you can, try to cover up the tattoo with an article of clothing. Make sure you are hydrated to avoid drying your skin out which can lead to a quicker sunburn and cracking. If you are traveling this summer take into consideration where your new tattoo will be and if it can be irritated by sitting for extended periods.

Have a fun summer and be aware of the safety precautions that come with your new tattoo and summer activities!

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