How to Care For Your New Navel Piercing

All piercings require after care. But depending on the type of piercing, after care length can differ. Piercings are like tattoos, in the sense that they are an open wound. When you invest in a navel piercing, you need to be aware what the after care entails, to ensure the best healing process. Continue reading How to Care For Your New Navel Piercing

What are the High-Risk Piercings?

high-risk piercings

While the earlobe is the most common location for a body piercing, it is definitely not the only option out there. Many choose to pierce their tongue, lips, nose, eyebrows, nipples, naval and more. Many factors can affect piercings, including body type, location, skin, nerves, etc. Therefore, we have put together a little information on high-risk piercings.

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Piercings for Fish Camp Students


Getting a piercing with your newly made friends from Fish Camp can be a great bonding experience. While it can be scary, it’s also a fun way to try something new and different in an environment that doesn’t judge. Here are a few of the many different types of ear piercing options to choose from.

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Care Tips for Piercings


From mild to wild, our professional piercers have done it all. Whether you are looking to get your ears pierced, or something a little more outrageous, rest assured that you will be in good hands in a clean, safe environment with trained professionals capable of assisting you in both selection and the best aftercare. We change out your Jewelry for FREE!!!

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