How to Avoid Early Tattoo Fading

Tattoos are permanent. However, they can fade over time. Tattoo fading is unavoidable. But, depending on the tattoo placement, you can avoid faster fading. Areas that are likely to be exposed to the sun are more likely to fade. Also areas that will have a lot of contact; if you wear a shoulder bag or backpack daily, a shoulder tattoo can be at risk for quicker fading. There are steps you can take to prevent quick fading, and also just a general guidance on areas that are prone to quicker fading. 

Steps to Take to Slow Tattoo Fading

  1. Limit your sun exposure
  2. Follow all aftercare instruction that your artist provides you
  3. Invest in an experienced tattoo artist.
  4. Do not over- cleanse or over exfoliate your skin
  5. Avoid constant friction

Areas Prone to Tattoo Fading

  1. Inside the Palm: The skin on your inner palm is hard for the ink to stick to, this includes you fingers also.
  2. Hand Tattoos: Just like your palm, the skin on your hand is harder for the ink to adhere to. The skin is thick but has little fat and muscle underneath which can lead to quicker fading. Plus we use our hands a lot, and the tattoo will be exposed to hand washing, shampooing your hair, wiping your hand down etc; All this friction can cause the tattoo to fade quicker.
  3. Feet Tattoos: The reason tattoos on your feet are more susceptible to fading is because we constantly have socks and shoes rubbing against them.
  4. Elbow: Particularly those on the outside of the elbow. Tattoos will fade more quickly than most as you’re constantly bending your arms. We often lean on our elbows at work, on desks or tables.
  5. Armpit/ inside your upper arms: The friction caused between moving your arms constantly can cause a tattoo to fade quicker than others.

For more information on tattoo fading and aftercare or to book a tattoo appointment, call us today! 

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