The Origins of Traditional Japanese Tattooing

Japanese Dragon Line Drawing
Japanese Dragon Line Drawing

Irezumi, which means “insert ink” in Japanese, became a common word in Japan around 1720. During the Edo era (1603-1868), tattooing was first employed as a punishment in Japan in this year. Depending on the kind of crime or locality, several irezumi symbols were employed to identify those responsible. Continue reading The Origins of Traditional Japanese Tattooing

Japanese Traditional


Japanese design style tattooing is one of the most ancient, making it extremely sacred and traditional among the styles. It uses a hand-carved technique (also called tebori) and was made popular in Japan by the Yakuza, the Japanese criminal underworld. Similar to American traditional, it uses bold black outlines and minimal shading. Most often, these designs are meant to cover a whole limb, back or body suit.

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