The Bond Between Tattoo Artist and Client


Creating a positive bond between a tattoo artist and his client is something Tattoo Consortium prides ourselves in. For an artist to agree to do a tattoo can be just as important as the decision for the client to get it. Tattoos are a reflection of who a person is, why he or she gets them, and a reflection of the artist who creates them as well.

Staying Connected with Clients

A good tattoo artist will form a connection with their clients. Often times, an artist will stay in touch with their clients, whether it be through social media, email, etc. Clients will frequently write the artists and ask tattoo questions, even years after they received their last tattoo. Here at Tattoo Consortium, we have created a bond with many of our clients that we are grateful for.

Mutually Exclusive Bond Between Our Artists and Our Clients

Creating a bond between our tattoo artists and our clients here at Tattoo Consortium is extremely important to us.  Many of our clients have a bond mutually exclusive to our artists, having over 20 hours (or more!) of ink done by us. Some of these clients will even bring their children in once they turn 18 for their first tattoo.

Tattoo “Fix”

Many clients will even come in regularly to get what we call a “fix”. Similar to going to a bar after a long day and chatting with the bartender, these clients will come in just to chat and enjoy a conversation with our tattoo artists while sometimes getting a new tattoo as well. Some find this just as important and gratifying as leaving with permanent ink!


Whether you’re getting your first tattoo, or you get a new tattoo regularly, our clients are our number one priority here and we have a bond with many of them that’s like family. Contact us with the link below to schedule a consultation with us today!

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