Comparison Between Standard Procedures vs. COVID Procedures for Tattoo Shops

standard procedures vs. COVID Procedures for Tattoo Shops

The COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. has brought many changes to the way businesses are ran, including tattoo shops. We will discuss the changes we have made here at Tattoo Consortium with comparison between standard procedures vs. COVID procedures for tattoo shops.

Standard Procedures vs. COVID Procedures for Tattoo Shops

Tattoo Consortium has new guidelines in place to help protect our clients and staff members from COVID. All the shop standard sanitation procedures that we used before the virus are still in effect. Single service needles, cartridges and tubes, each station wiped down between every client and barrier protection on machines, clip cords and products used.

However, we have added a few new procedures, the sanitation of common areas and items (door handles, front counter, and pens), and minimizing the handling of IDs and credit cards.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is common in many businesses now due to COVID. Tattoo Consortium is following the social distancing guidelines by only allowing clients in the back and a single support person in the shop per station at a time. This helps protect our clients and our artists by minimizing exposure. We will not allow for more than at total of 10 people in our shop at once.

Additionally, we are only allowing for 2 out of 3 tattoo stations to be used at a time. This helps to follow the social distancing guidelines that are in place.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are also part of our new guidelines and procedures that we are following at our shop to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Upon entry into our shop, a staff member will be checking temperatures to ensure no one is at risk of spreading the virus to others.

Hand Sanitation for Clients

Along with temperature checks, we are requiring both staff and visitors in our shop to sanitize their hands.

Hand sanitizer kills bacteria and viruses to reduce the risk of anyone spreading the virus in our tattoo shop.


Following these COVID guidelines can help us to help you stay safe when visiting Tattoo Consortium. Contact us with the link below for more information on our new COVID-19 guidelines or to schedule your next tattoo with us!

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