Working with Your Tattoo Artist

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experiencing. Not only does it show off your personality and style, it’s what makes you — you. It is important to work with your tattoo artist for creating a tattoo that you will love both now and forever. As a tattoo artist, we are part artist and part therapist. Working together in a close and intimate setting allows us to get know our clients and what makes them tick. Here are few tips on how you can work with your tattoo artist to create your next tattoo.


When you are getting a tattoo, you will want to choose an artist you like and can have synergy with. When you work together with your tattoo artist on the design, and are both inspired, a spectacular tattoo emerges.

Be Open to Suggestions

As tattoo artists, we are experts at knowing how a design will appear on skin. Factors such as size, scale and color impact how something will look when the tattoo is complete. When people choose to listen to their artist’s suggestions on color, placing and size, the finished tattoo will look much better. Keep in mind, a tattoo artist does this every day. Since it is your tattoo, be open as to what you are comfortable with and tell your tattoo artist if the place you have in mind absolutely where it needs to go. There may be simple design changes that make the design work with that part of your body.

Know Who You Are

Tattoos last a lifetime and will remain a reflection of who you are as a person. You have to feel comfortable expressing the depth of your personality, inner thoughts, character and convictions when choosing a lifelong representation of yourself. Those that are strong in their convictions find this easier to do because they know what they are all about.

A tattoo can also represent the journey. You don’t need to have it all figured out or be the finished product of who you hope to become, but be proud of who you are at the moment, your journey and the path that you are on. Ink can represent any of these things and years later, will help you tell your story.


If you are still unsure what design would represent you, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tattoo Consortium with the link below to discuss ideas. You may be surprised what we can come up with!

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