Tattoos in a Professional Work Environment


Getting a tattoo is a practice that should be undertaken only after considerable forethought. Despite the opinions of many, body art does not fare well in most business environments. If you are choosing to get a tattoo, or if you already have a one, here are few important things to consider with having a tattoo in a professional work environment.

Considerations for Young People and Tattoos in a Professional Environment

Getting a tattoo is predominately a youthful practice as statistics show; you find very few people in their 40s getting their first tattoo. If you choose to get a tattoo and you want to minimize the impact upon your employment future, there are several guidelines you should follow.

Choose a Small, Noncontroversial Design

When making a decision on a tattoo that will be decent in the professional work environment, it is important to consider a small, noncontroversial design. Not only can large tattoos be more expensive, they will require multiple sessions of painful needling and are difficult to conceal. Start small and wait several months before adding a second tattoo to be sure you are comfortable with the final result. Avoid getting offensive words or pictures anywhere on your body. Many professional environments that do allow tattoos, still have restrictions on tattoos they deem offensive.

Get a Tattoo That Can Be Easily Covered

It is best to avoid getting a tattoo on body parts that cannot be easily covered when in a professional work environment. This includes body parts such as the face, hands and fingers, and forearms (unless you can wear long-sleeved shirts everyday to work).

Tips for Tattooed Job Seekers

Those who already have a tattoo or two may know the affects it can have on trying to find a place that will hire you. Here are a few helpful tips for tattooed job seekers.

Cover It

While stereotyping tattooed and pierced people may be unfair, it is neither illegal nor rare. Successful job candidates mirror the appearance and mannerisms of their interviewers, many of which lack tattoos. Your normal clothing should cover most tattoos, and any remaining visible ones can be handled with make-up or bandages. If you can wear long sleeve t-shirts everyday to cover tattoos on the forearms and shoulders, then this is something you can also consider.

Seek Employment Where Tattoos Are Accepted

If you are heavily tattooed, consider seeking employment where you know you will be accepted as you are and don’t have to worry about trying to hide your tattoos.


These are just a few things to consider when making the decision to get a tattoo and seeking employment. For more information feel free to contact us here at Tattoo Consortium with the link below!

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