Tattoo Consortium Will be Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary this September

Tattoo Consortium

Come join us at Tattoo Consortium as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this September!

Tattoo Consortium is Running a Raffle Contest to Celebrate 25 Years of Business!

Enter our raffle for a chance to WIN A $1250 CASH PRIZE! Receive one free ticket per person when you take a picture at the shop with a card stating your name and where you were tattooed at Tattoo Consortium. You can also receive addition tickets entered into the raffle drawing by purchasing $10 per ticket!

The drawing will take place on September 29. If you are unable to be present for this, we will have the results posted on our Instagram and Facebook!

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Come celebrate with us here at Tattoo Consortium as we are proud to be the oldest tattoo shop in town! Contact us with the link below for more information on this exciting event!

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