Tattoo Consortium Shop Updates: A Letter from MichaelC

Tattoo Consortium Shop Updates - A Letter from MichaelC

Thank you all to my loyal clients. I apologize for the difficulty in catching me at the shop.

Though the shop is still a basic walk-in tattoo and piercing establishment, getting tattooed works best with an appointment. Due to limited availability of artists, I personally have decided to tattoo by appointment. Thus, if I don’t have an appointment, I am not just hanging out at the shop. With that said, I am scheduling appointments 7 days a week from 11 AM till 6 PM, which does not align with the shop posted hours.

If you want something that requires a consultation, I schedule them too. Most art can typically be communicated through reference art (pics) and verbal request via email.

I respond to both my shop and personal emails for requests related to Tattoo Consortium.

For those who follow me on @13MichaelC Instagram, I am going to start posting art that I have ready to go, and “I want to ink” those that know me understand the importance of the ink that I want to see come alive on the skin. These decisions will still require appointments.

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