Tattoo Styles Comparison: Solid Black Tattoos vs. Fine Line Tattoos

Solid Black Tattoos vs. Fine Line Tattoos

When considering what type of tattoo you want to get, it’s essential to do research on the various styles. Solid black tattoos vs. fine line tattoos are two common styles. We will discuss the differences between these two popular styles to better help you decide which tattoo you want to get.

Solid Black Tattoos vs. Fine Line Tattoos

Our tattoo artists at Tattoo Consortium have years of experience designing many tattoos in these two popular styles. There are numerous benefits of these tattoo styles. It just depends on what overall look you are wanting to achieve with your ink.

Solid Black Tattoos

Solid black tattoos are characterized by the solid black ink, very bold lines and powerful use of negative space. Negative space refers to everything around an image rather than the image itself.

Utilizing negative space allows a tattoo artist to create a powerful image without color or fine lines, to create movement and detail in a piece. The shoulder blade, arm, chest and back are great tattoo placements for the solid black tattoo style.

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos are characterized by elegant, discreate and, usually, small and often monochrome. This style is so uniquely delicate that many often mistake it as a drawing on the skin with an ink pen at first glance.

They are often incredibly detailed pieces of art, so cleanly drawn with crisp fluid lines. Fine line style is a contrast to the thick and bold lines of traditional tattoos. Statistically, these tattoos generally consist of straight curved thin lines that are elaborate but still minimal and Spartan in appearance. The upper ribcage and arm are popular placements for the fine line tattoo style.

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