Simple Single Line Blackwork Tattoos Gaining Popularity

simple single line blackwork tattoos

The simple single line blackwork tattoo style has gained popularity recently. Also know as the “one line” tattoo”, the design simply involves a singular line in a fluid, illustrative shape. Popular uses of this design style often include profiles of faces, wildlife and flowers.

Simple Single Line Blackwork Tattoos


The timeless hand-drawn tattoo style lends itself to all kinds of placements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • forearm
  • back
  • ribs
  • ankles
  • etc.


With few details, the result is a bit abstract, extremely poetic, and straightforward. The single line blackwork tattoo may look light. However, it actually takes a lot of precision to finish them.

Some single line tattoos can take up to one hour. Depending on the size and placement of this tattoo, it could take hours to complete.


While this tattoo is minimalistic, this doesn’t necessarily mean minimal pain. A long line can hurt just as much as any other tattoo.

It’s best to get the single line style in one shot because you want the lines to be perfect.


These are just the basics of simple single line blackwork tattoos. Contact us with the link below for more information or get your next tattoo with us today!

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