Septum Piercing Trend

You might be noticing more and more people in the last year or two, even celebrities with a septum piercing. Septum piercings have been one of the most significant trends in 2019 and continue to bloom in 2020 and 2021. We will discuss this recent septum piercing trend.

Septum Piercing Trend

The septum piercing has gained popularity in recent years, with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna now sporting one. It’s become a worldwide fashion.

History of the Septum Trend

Septum piercings are the second most common piercing among primitive tribes after the ear piercing. This piercing traces its history to Native American Indians, Indians, Bengalis as well as African tribes. However, the Kangi tribes of New Guinea are probably most known for their septum piercings. There to have to the septum pierced by a pig’s tusk is part of a boys journey towards adulthood, their initiation. Conversely, in Bangladesh, it’s mainly women wearing the septum as a sign of being married and it’s made out of gold.

Also referred to as The Bull’s ring piercing, it was sometimes used to break bulls for the the farm life. However, it does not only need to e rings worn as septum piercings. The Asmat tribe of Irian Jaya used to wear septum jewelry called “Otsj,” which were large and thick bone plugs.

The Rise in Popularity of the Septum Piercing

As of 2019, the septum piercing has risen in popularity, including among celebrities. They have hit mainstream popularity with full force and enthusiasm.

The septum piercing is an edgier twist on the classic nose ring, which is making its mark in the fashion world on some of your favorite celebs: Shay Mitchell, Kat Graham and Rihanna.


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