Pros and Cons of Friday the 13th Special for Tattoos: How COVID-19 Effects This

Many tattoo shops around the nation do Friday the 13th specials every time this day happens during the year. However, the idea of bring large crowds of people into a small shop during COVID-19 may not be the best. We will discuss the pros and cons of Friday the 13th special for tattoos and how the pandemic can play a role in this very popular special.

Pros and Cons of Friday the 13th Special for Tattoos

Friday the 13th specials for tattoo are very popular around the U.S., including here at Tattoo Consortium. The pros of this special may be obvious, especially to many of our customers who love this special. However, is this special really a good idea in the middle of a pandemic?

Walk-Ins vs. Appointments

The majority of tattoo shops will only accept walk-ins and use a first-come, first-served system based on the sign-up sheet. This can be beneficial for those looking to stop by whenever is most convenient for them.

Due to the new coronavirus safety guidelines put in place, many shops have opted out of doing walk-ins. This can make a special that thrives on walk-ins especially challenging.

If you do stop by for a walk-in at Tattoo Consortium, you will most likely have to either wait in your car or call in from the parking lot to schedule an appointment. This way you can make sure an artist or piercer is available.

Cost of the Tattoo

Friday the 13th specials typically include a $13 tattoo. This a great low price for customers wanting to get a tattoo.

However, many artists are having to increase their minimums with the pandemic. This is both because business is slower, and also artists don’t want to be their lives at risk for a cheap tattoo.

Social Distancing Guidelines

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to follow stricter guidelines to limit the crowds of people in their location. A special like Friday the 13th often brings large crowds into our shop.

Due to the COVID-19 concerns, piercing and tattoos are no longer a safe social event for the clients or the people providing the services. This is why Tattoo Consortium is limiting the amount of people both in the back and in the main lobby area. Additionally, we are only allowing groups of 2 per artist or piercer at a time. Thus, we are no longer allowing more than a total of 10 people in our shop at once.


These are just a few of the pros and cons of Friday the 13th special for tattoos. While many tattoo shops are still doing the Friday the 13th special this year, Tattoo Consortium has opted out of doing it this year in order to keep our customers safe.

Contact us with the link below for more information on our new COVID-19 guidelines or to schedule your next tattoo with us!

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