How COVID-19 Has Changed How Walk-In Businesses Operate

How COVID-19 has changed how walk-in businesses operate

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented and difficult times for many businesses, including walk-in businesses like Tattoo Consortium. There are many ways on how COVID-19 has changed how walk-in businesses operate.

How COVID-19 Has Changed How Walk-In Businesses Operate

COVID-19 has changed many things for our business. In addition to our new COVID-19 procedures and guidelines that we are following, we have adjusted our availability and added physical contact limitations to ensure both our clients and staff are safe.

Many tattoo shops in Bryan/College Station, TX have reopened since the pandemic hit its peak. However, visits are nothing like they were before due to COVID-19 guidelines. The pandemic has many walk-in tattoo shops acting like custom tattoo shops. Many tattoo artists are opting out of doing walk-ins due to the new guidelines and for their own safety. Some artists are even increasing their minimums, as to not put their lives at risk for a $50 tattoo.

Digital Technology

Many businesses are opting for new, never before used digital technologies due to the global pandemic. While COVID-19 may have sped up the adoption of digital technologies, it seems that many of these changes could be here for the long haul. The adoption of technologies such as online ordering, curbside pickup, doorstep delivery and virtual appointments are just a few of the many common practices that we have noticed.

The acceleration of technology has positively impacted numerous industries, including: restaurants, healthcare, education, retail, banking and more.

Flexible Hybrid Approaches to Working

During lockdowns, many began working from home and, thus, businesses adopted remote work practices such as “work-from-anywhere”. As the pandemic winds down, it is likely that hybrid remote arrangements will become the norm at workplaces globally.

Therefore, the walk-in business model platform will likely change in these organizations. These businesses are likely to either change to an appointment-only system or change their normal business hours.

How Tattoo Consortium Has Changed Due to COVID-19

Tattoo Consortium has been limiting the amount of people both in the back and the main lobby area. We are allowing groups of 2 per artist or piercer at a time. In addition, we are no longer allowing more than a total of 10 people in our shop at once.

As for walk-ins, we are still allowing them. However, if the next availability for the specific artist is longer than 30 minutes, you will most likely be told to schedule an appointment. This way you can make sure an artist or piercer is available for you at a specific time.


For more information on our COVID-19 shop updates or to schedule an appointment with your tattoo artist, contact us with the link below!

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