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Tattoos as a Form of Self-Expression

From dainty ankle tattoos to tribal armbands and full sleeved cuffs, body art in the form of tattoos is becoming a social norm as more people embrace self-expression through ink. Body art can be quite intriguing because every tattoo represents something different and tells a unique story.

Expression of Personality and Beliefs

Tattoos express personality and beliefs. They add beauty to the individual wearing it in a variety of ways. For example, someone with a Virgen de Guadalupe tattoo clearly shows that the person is Catholic and cherishes that specific saint. In addition, tattoos can also be used as conversation starters. When someone is asked about their tattoos, he or she is bound to share a story. Personal identity can be found through tattoos since people are able to get tattooed with whatever they feel represents them.

People get tattoos for various reasons, whether it is to honor a loved one, express themselves in a different way or represent something meaningful, every tattoo has a reason and a purpose.

The Meaning Behind the Art

You can say anything that you want with a tattoo. It can be simple and sweet, or it can have a deeper hidden meaning behind it. For instance, a rainbow tattoo can be a symbol of beauty, innocence, purity or even an expression of sexual orientation.

Social Acceptance of Tattoos and Its Progression

Near the end of the 19th century, technological advances and exposure to other cultures lead to a Japanese-style tattoo craze among the American upper class, and those with full-body tattoos drew crowds at carnivals—at least until the 1940s, when high society’s fascination with tattoos began to wane. From that point until recent years, tattoos had been considered to be vulgar and the mark of deviants—something that only sailors, bikers, rockers or freaks sported. However, society’s perception of tattoos is quite different now. Tattoos have evolved into a highly-regarded art form.

Well over 45 million Americans have tattoos today, and that number continues to increase daily. Places, such as South Carolina, where tattooing was illegal a mere 10 years ago are now each home to hundreds of tattoo and piercing shops. Even some of the most conservative individuals have discreet tattoos in memory of loved ones or to commemorate special life events, and that alone speaks volumes for how far tattooing has come. Tattoos are no longer viewed to be rebellious, but as something that is deeply personal to the person, or just for the love of art.


Tattoos are a great form of self-expression. Why not gift your loved ones with the gift of a self-expression art form that will last forever? Contact Tattoo Consortium with the link below for more information!

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