Did You Get a Tattoo from Tattoo Consortium in the 1990s?

Tattoo Consortium

Can you believe it’s already been 25 years of Tattoo Consortium?! Tattoos and tattoo technology have come a long way since we first opened in September 1992!

Tattoos in the ’90s: Come Celebrate 25 Years with Tattoo Consortium!

In honor of our 25 year anniversary, Tattoo Consortium is holding a raffle for our long-lasting clients! Enter our raffle for a chance to WIN A $1250 CASH PRIZE! Receive one free ticket per person when you take a picture at the shop with a card stating your name and when you were tattooed at Tattoo Consortium. You can also receive addition tickets entered into the raffle drawing by purchasing $10 per ticket!

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Tattoos in the ’90s vs.  Today

The Trend of Tattoos

Many trends have come and gone, in about every aspect of our lives. The rounded body of the ’90s mustang was traded in for the boxier model of the 200s, the high-waist, acid wash jeans of the 1980s were tossed aside to make room for the low-cut, skinny jeans of today. As with any trend, some of these have come back in a new form. However, almost everything is subject to passing trends: hair, clothes, cars, music, movies…so, of course, tattoos are no exception.

Over the years, the practice of Western tattoos has passed through several trends. Tattooing is an expression of individuality, which allows each trend to remain in use despite popularity. However, it is subject to certain ebbs and flows in stylistic choices. Due to social media programs that weren’t around in then 1990s—like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest—tracking these trend waves have become easier than ever.

Tattoos in the 1990s

Tattoo Consortium - tribal tattooThe tribal tattoo gained popularity in the late 1980s and into the ’90s. These were seen as large stand-alone pieces or full bands, which were often freehand.



Tattoo Consortium - bio-mechanical tattooBio-mechanical tattoos began appearing with the birth of the internet trend. These were depicted with microchips attached to their skin, wires, gears and the like. Often times, these were worn by science fiction fans and/or computer nerds


Tattoo Consortium - new school tattooIn the late 1990s, and well into the early 2000s, we started seeing the style now referred to as New School. This blend of cartoon-like lines and thick borders came with the rise of Britney Spears and the Boy Band fad.

Tattoos Today

Today’s technology has brought numerous innovations into the world of tattoos. From the start of the Trash Polka trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s to newer concepts of artwork, tattoos are lending their ability to stand the test of time.

There was a drastic improvement in styles and trends available in the mid-2000s. Newer styles we often see today include black and grey, portraiture, stick and poke, blackwork and watercolor.


Come celebrate with us here at Tattoo Consortium as we are proud to be the oldest tattoo shop in town! Contact us with the link below for more information on this exciting event!

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