The Change in the Stigma of Tattoos and Social Acceptance

change in the stigma of tattoos

Tattoos have been around almost as long as man has walked the earth. Tribal cultures would use tattoos to mark major life milestones for centuries. They have become common in advertising and pop culture today. Even then, there’s been a stigma of tattoos and social acceptance. However, there has been a noticeable change in the stigma of tattoos in more recent years.

The Change in the Stigma of Tattoos

change in the stigma of tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a big trend right now. You see tattoos everywhere today in the media, movies and pop culture.

However, not so long ago tattoos had a huge stigma attached to them. Tattoos are becoming more accepted in the professional workplace across the country.

Generational Differences

With previous generations, there was a common associate of tattoos with deviant behavior. That is, having a tattoo was a pretty tell-tale sign that you were likely to be engaging in other deviant activities.

In more recent years, however, this direct connection between tattoos and deviance appears to be weakening. Have one or multiple tattoos today no longer serves as a predictor of deviant behavior. Today, people from a variety of social backgrounds now choose to modify their bodies through indelible inks.

Acceptance of Tattoos in the Professional Workplace

change in the stigma of tattoos

According to a survey, 31% of human resource managers state that visible tattoos could have a negative impact on their decision whether to hire someone. However, there were other factors that weighed heavier in the survey.

Some workplaces are lifting certain dress code restrictions, such as making way for brightly colored hair, wearing jeans, piercings and tattoos.

Mainstream Media and Tattooing

In the past, the media often associated people with tattoos with criminal activity. Therefore, the public was sold to always assume that.

Today, however, tattoos have become a mainstream part of society. They become common in advertising and pop culture and have taken over the current media scenery. Many TV shows, commercials and ads are based on the tattoo industry. They are springing up on major networks, social media pages for tattoo culture are numbering in the millions of follows, and you would be hard pressed to take a walk on the street and not see several people sporting a tattoo or two.


These are just a few ways there’s been a change in the stigma of tattoos in more recent years. For more information or to get started on your next tattoo contact Tattoo Consortium with the link below!

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