Tattoo Styles Comparison: Black and Gray Tattoos vs. Color Tattoos

Black and Gray Tattoos vs. Color Tattoos

When considering what type of tattoo you want to get, it essential to do research on the various styles. Two common styles are black and gray tattoos vs. color tattoos. We will discuss the differences between these two popular styles to better help you decide which tattoo you want.

Black and Gray Tattoos vs. Color Tattoos

Our tattoo artists at Tattoo Consortium have years of experience designing many tattoos in these two popular styles. There are numerous benefits of these tattoo styles. It just depends on what overall look you are wanting to achieve with your ink.

Black and Gray Tattoos

Many tattoo lovers prefer getting black and gray tattoos because they are subtle and have an aesthetic appeal. These tattoos offer bold, stark, contrasts and intricate patterns.

Typically, black and gray tattoos take less time. This is because less ink needs to be applied when doing this type of tattoo. One of the biggest benefits of a black and gray tattoo is its longevity. The shades of black and gray generally have a less chance of fading and are less susceptible to the damages of sun exposure.

Traditional, Japanese, lettering, realism and geometrical are all design options when it comes to black and gray tattoos. Realism can be a little more difficult than the others though, as it requires an eye for depth, shading, size, etc.

Full Color Tattoos

Over the years, full color tattoos have become a staple in the tattoo community. They are vibrant and bright. The unique color tattoos are offered in different colors, so it essential to choose a color that suits your skin type. Full color tattoos also require special care to prevent fading over time.

Many people who get a full tattoo often want to either make a statement, or to get artwork that matches their personality. New School, Old School and Traditional, among others, are common design options when it comes to full color tattoos.

Full color tattoos may be slightly more painful because layers of color are summed up on top of the cut skin. Additionally, when scoping out color tattoo portfolios, make sure to check out healed tattoos. Most tattoos look their best after the healing process is complete, so let time tell the true story.


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