What to Expect When Getting Nipple Piercings at Tattoo Consortium

What to Expect When Getting Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are the new trend thanks to big name celebrities who rock their metal-studded jewelry.

What to Expect When Getting Nipple Piercings

There Will Be Some Pain

When it comes to what to expect when getting nipple piercings here at Tattoo Consortium, there is going to some amount of pain. However, the amount of pain will depend on your pain tolerance. You will either feel a slight pinch or feel extremely comfortable, but either way, it will only be brief.

In addition, expect the site to be tender for a few days. However, the real pain will only last during the actual piercing process.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing for a Few Days

As we mention above, you will probably be pretty sore a few days after the initial piercing. We recommend that you avoid wearing tight clothing and bras to prevent anything pressing against the fresh piercings.

Also, make sure you wear a soft, clean shirt that won’t snag the piercing at all. Clean shirts will prevent infections as well. After the healing process begins, you’ll want to wear a clean bra each day to avoid further irritation.

The Complete Healing Process Takes About a Year

The healing process for nipple piercings will be quite long. Generally, this takes about nine months to one year to heal completely.

As a general warning, you will most likely have some bleeding for the first week or so. You can also expect to have some of that crusty whitish-yellow fluid surrounding the jewelry, similar to a healing cut. This is completely normal.

Make sure to clean the site as well. Our piercing artists here at Tattoo Consortium will recommend cleaning details, depending on the type of nipple piecing. This typically involves a applying a saline solution 2-3 times per day.

The Jewelry Will Snag a Lot

Be cautious with anything near your nipple piercings. Avoid brushing your hair without a shirt on, as you can accidentally grab onto the bar.

In addition, this is true for drying yourself off with a towel too fast, or wearing a sweater with small holes without also wearing something underneath.

Nipple Piercings Can Close Fast

Unfortunately, nipple piercings have the ability to close right back up. They tend to close faster than most piercings.

Therefore, you only have a few minutes to leave them jewelry-free before the holes start slowly shrinking.


For more information about what to expect when getting nipple piercings, or to schedule your nipple piercing appointment contact us with the link below!

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