Watercolor Style Tattoos

Water Color

Watercolor is a design style that consists of abstract tattoos. It takes a lot of skill and artistic ability to design a watercolor style successfully. It uses extreme amounts of color and less of lines and black color to create the effect that it has been painted on your skin with watercolors.

How Long Does a Watercolor Tattoo Last?

When comparing a watercolor to a traditional tattoo that is outlined and colored solid with black shading, the traditional will outlast the watercolor tattoo before one of them needs to be touched up. But by outlast we mean extremely long term, as in 20, 25, or even 30 years down the road. With any tattoo though, they will need a touch up to keep them looking fresh.

How Does a Watercolor Tattoo Work?

The strategy of watercolor is essentially the same as any other tattoo, but the difference is that you get the feel when you look at a watercolor painting, the same feeling will be delivered by the watercolor tattoo. It looks like you have a painting on your skin instead of the sharp looking tattoo; it has a more soft and fragile look.

Creating a watercolor tattoo takes extreme precision and artistic ability. It uses more color and less lines and black color to achieve the affect it has been painted on your skin with watercolors.

Do Watercolor Tattoos Hurt More than Regular Tattoos?

While the technique of watercolor tattoos is different, the pain should be similar to that of a traditional tattoo. You are still under a needle, which means that you will be having the color injected on the layer of your skin with the help of a sharp needle, that will ultimately be like the canvas brush for your watercolor tattoos.

How Can I Choose Watercolor Tattoo Designs?

Simply think of a picture and ask your tattoo artist to work that in the painting. If you have a picture of the design you would like to use, you can bring this to your tattoo artist as well. Watercolor tattoos tend to look better when they have a more personalized touch, so keep this in mind when you are considering a watercolor tattoo.


This is just a few of the facts about watercolor tattoos. Tattoo Consortium can design watercolor tattoos to any of our clients specifications. For more information or to get started on your next tattoo contact us with the link below!

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