Couple Tattoos for Valentine’s Day: What to Keep in Mind with Matching Tattoos

Couple tattoos for Valentine's Day

Like many couples, you and your significant other maybe considering getting matching tattoos this Valentine’s Day. While this will symbolize your love, there are a few things to keep in mind before doing this. Therefore, we have put together things to keep in mind when getting matching couple tattoos for Valentine’s Day.

Matching Couple Tattoos for Valentine’s Day

Getting matching couple tattoos for Valentine’s Day is a great way to show and celebrate your love for another person. However, matching couple tattoos are a big risk. You don’t even know if you will still be together down the road. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you and your significant other get tattoos you are sure to love and not regret.

Think Outside of the Box

Couple tattoos for Valentine's Day

One easy way to end up with a cliché tattoo that you are sure to regret later on is by picking whatever tattoos for couples are most popular on Pinterest at the time—names, anniversary dates and Roman numerals are just a few current ones.

Instead, we recommend basing your couple tattoos idea off of a mutual love you and your partner have for something. For example, if you and your partner met on a camping trip, you may consider getting nature-themed tattoos.

Avoid Words and Dates

The best way to get couple tattoos that you will not regret if you break up is to go with an actual image that means something to both of you, rather than words or dates. You and your partner can customize the image so neither person has the exact same tattoo.

By doing this, you can impart a new meaning on the image if your relationship goes down the drain. This would be impossible if the tattoo is your anniversary or each other’s names.

If You Must Get Matching Tattoos, Start Small

Couple tattoos for Valentine's Day

If you still want to get matching couple tattoos, consider starting relatively small and simple. Therefore, if you do break up, it will be easier for your tattoo artist to cover it up with another tattoo.

If you are unsure, you can always ask your tattoo artist here at Tattoo Consortium for idea suggestions, placement and sizing.


The best way to get good couple tattoos is to get designs that stand alone, but also benefit from one another. Contact us here at Tattoo Consortium with the link below to schedule your couple tattoos appointment!

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