Can Daith Piercings Help With Migraines?

Can daith piercings help with migraines?

A common question we have been asked lately is, “Can daith piercings help with migraines?” Daith piercing has recently grown in popularity as a potential treatment for migraines. This type of piercing involves the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Many who have a daith piercing claim that it has reduced the occurrence and impact of their migraines. However, is there really a connection between daith piercings and migraines?

Can Daith Piercings Help With Migraines?

Daith piercings are located on the tiny fold of cartilage in the outer ear that is just above the opening of the ear canal. It is thought that this location may be the site of an acupuncture pressure point that affects the digestive system, and that wearing an earring there provides constant compression that can help to relieve pain.

Medical Research

The theory that daith piercing helps with migraines first spread and became popular on social media. Currently, there is no published medical research directly connecting daith piercing to migraine prevention or relief.

However, some people who suffer from migraines have reported their daith piercing resulted in reduced pain during migraine attacks. While some people with migraines say they experience relief from their symptoms after getting a daith piercing, the only evidence supporting this is purely anecdotal. Everyone’s anatomy is different, so this may explain why some people report pain reduction after receiving a daith piercing.

So, Should I Get a Daith Piercing?

Tattoo Consortium always recommends discussing treatment options with a medical professional first and foremost. However, if you enjoy ear piercing and suffer from frequent headaches, it might be worthwhile to consider getting a daith piercing. Body piercings are extremely affordable and can be a very economical treatment alternative.

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