2017 Tattoo Design Style Trends

Tattooing is a living art that breathes when you breathe and changes its look year by year. There are no boundaries and no strict rules when it comes to tattooing. You can do anything that you feel is right or beautiful and it will be a unique mark on your body that will highlight your personality. Still, similar to any art, tattooing changes through generation offering new ways of picturing symbols. Several trends in tattooing have the highest rates today. This article will discuss the top 2017 tattoo design style trends.

Geometric Tattoos

In the past few years, one of the most often technique used is geometric tattoo style. In fact, clear line work is the main trend of modern tattooing that creates tattoos in minimalistic style. Combining line work with geometric figures details everything and becomes even more dramatic and breathtaking.

The idea of geometric tattoos is to imagine virtually anything with geometric figures. It can be a flower tattoo with geometric details, animal tattoo or symbol tattoo. If done only combining geometric figures, geometric tattoos are mostly monochromatic with or without using shading. This is an ideal option for those who shy away from too bright and eye catching tattoos. Conversely, if geometric tattoos include other details, they can be colorful.

Minimalistic Tattoos

The minimalistic tattoo design style is very simple. This style is mostly small and hidden under clothing. Again, this is a great option if your prefer to have a tattoo not visible during your daily life. Minimalistic tattoos are mostly done in a single color without the use of shading.

Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork is another monochromatic style of tattooing. This is definitely one of the most difficult tattooing techniques that offer complicated images and prints done with dots. This tattoo design style is often combined with thin fine lines and geometric figures.

Watercolor Tattoos

The watercolor tattoo design style is a true burst of colors, a firework of bright shades. This style is a real artwork on your body. One of the main styles of watercolor is the abstract watercolor tattooing, which offers covering your body with abstract and unclear lines. The other type of watercolor tattoo combines geometric or line work tattoo with a splash of colors.


These are just the top 2017 tattoo design style trends. There are numerous other tattoo design styles to choose from. Contact Tattoo Consortium with the link below for more information or to schedule your tattoo appointment with us today!

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